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Message Subject If Charles Taze Russell was a free mason why does the Grand Lodge deny it?
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
Before I offer to sell you the ocean I own in Nebraska, can you tell me about the footnotes used in this video?

Is it a Watchtower publication by any chance?
 Quoting: Nine's

No they have bigger fish to fry. I found it on Youtube. Say, uh.... how much you asking for that ocean, does it come with an island and dolphins and stuff?
 Quoting: DGN

Yes, I imagine. Corporate takeovers are rough. Make sure you aren't one of the fish they fry. 8)

So if the footnotes aren't from one of your Corporate publications, where are they from? Doesn't do a lot of good to provide footnotes if you have nowhere to reference them.

The ocean? It's 60.00 a gallon, cuz it's miracle water but for you, I'll do a half price sale. The dolphins were disfellowshipped and sent to the ocean. They had an odd notion they were free to think for themselves and roll drowning people to shore. Truth be told, they were too good for his body of water, but don't spread that around. They weren't at all upset by their release. 8)

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