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Message Subject If Charles Taze Russell was a free mason why does the Grand Lodge deny it?
Poster Handle DGN
Post Content
I think you know it's not Russell I'm referring to about the "new light" and it's not what upset you enough to say what you did. Some things that are called new light are nothing more than people playing with the light switch.

As long as you know, that's good enough. Just don't see how you can be ok with it, but that's between you and God.
 Quoting: Nine's

When I said something like "don't assume you're approved, the kingdom is coming to save those doing the will of God" I didn't mean you personally, I was replying to everyone following which ever thread that was. It was a general expression.
I don't assume to stand approved, just trying to make something out of nothing.
 Quoting: DGN

No. The tone of the conversation wasn't for everyone. You were upset. It was for me. You edited the post but it's still clear it was directed to me. It was on this thread:
Thread: Hey there Mr Nostradamus... 'inspired prophet'... how do you suppose you missed this one ?

Do not assume the end of Satan's reign of terror is coming to reward you, it isn't. It's coming to intercept nuclear genocide and save the earth, the ecosystem, and who ever does the will of God.

 Quoting: DGN

Don't know what I said that indicated I was looking for a reward, but I wasn't. It's not coming to reward me, but whoever does the will of God? How do you know I don't do the will of God? yeahsure (This should also be in quotes)
 Quoting: Nine's

Might not have thought as much of it if, while saying you weren't directly speaking to me, you hadn't responded:

" “Then the kingdom of the heavens will become like ten virgins that took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish, and five were discreet. 3 For the foolish took their lamps but took no oil with them, 4 whereas the discreet took oil in their receptacles with their lamps. 5 While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep. 6 Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Be on YOUR way out to meet him.’ 7 Then all those virgins rose and put their lamps in order. 8 The foolish said to the discreet, ‘Give us some of YOUR oil, because our lamps are about to go out.’ 9 The discreet answered with the words, ‘Perhaps there may not be quite enough for us and YOU. Be on YOUR way, instead, to those who sell it and buy for yourselves.’ 10 While they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage feast; and the door was shut. 11 Afterwards the rest of the virgins also came, saying, ‘Sir, sir, open to us!’ 12 In answer he said, ‘I tell YOU the truth, I do not know YOU.’ Mt25:21
Do you realize how much effort I invest here to prevent this?
 Quoting: DGN

To which I responded:

Yes I do realize.

If this verse is the answer to my question about "how do you know I don't do the will of God," it seems you think that I'm being foolish and not discreet.

If that's true, I would like to know what I've done that is foolish or indiscreet so I can correct my ways.
 Quoting: Nine's

To which there was no reply. Only the sound of silence.

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