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Message Subject If Charles Taze Russell was a free mason why does the Grand Lodge deny it?
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content
Was CT Russell 'chosen' to expose the grand cash flow threat of hellfire or did he figure it out on his own?
 Quoting: DGN

Chosen? Guess that's debatable. Did he figure it out on his own? No. See the bolded if it's too long for you.

Mr. Russell was first of all, a businessman quite able to respond to what would sell and how to do it.

He was also a liar, a fraud, a womanizer, false prophet, and perjured himself many times. It's public record of the times he lied under oath and was caught at it. He was often in court.

The womanizing might not be 100 percent true if Mr. Russells assertions are true that it wasn't him, but fallen angels materializing as him that the women actually saw.

Anyone that spoke against him or his scams was sued. He even sued the newspaper that reported about his escapades. Rutherford, the one that took over the WT society after Russell, was his attorney at some of these court hearings.

Charles Taze Russell got many doctrinal ideas from Jonas Wendell, a Seventh Day Adventist preacher. Jonas Wendell didn't believe in a burning hell or the trinity. Mr. Wendell believed the second coming would be in 1873.

IMO it doesn't take much of a business man to notice the following this prophecy gained and after it failed, to know the seed was already planted and it could be watered to produce a following and mega money at a later date.

Russell encouraged his followers to read the book "Angels and Women." Some sources say it was Russell who personally supervised it's editing, others say it was a close friend who edited, with Russell supervising.

Regardless, the book was dictated by a "fallen angel" and was offered at a discount to Russell followers.

It was later recommended by the Watchtower Society "as shedding new light they believed and taught that Jehovah was a being who eternally existed in the time and space of this universe. This place was the Pleiades star system. From there Jehovah sent his angels to earth."

Only fair to add that it was at a time when they thought that "some" fallen angels were "honest".

Chosen? If he was, the question should be, "by whom".

Was going to post a video but decided against it. Just type Angels and Women into the you tube search bar. The video is at the top and is 3 min. 14 seconds.
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