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Message Subject If Charles Taze Russell was a free mason why does the Grand Lodge deny it?
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Forgot to mention that. There's a small governing body that controls the water. Only a few of them, but they control everything. Least they think they do. The dolphins didn't listen and they didn't drown. They followed your scripture.

Yes, Russell did seem to delve into things. Too bad he didn't state things as his opinion, rather than getting info from God or the angels. Because we know they don't lie.

Never fear though, if he didn't go where false prophets go, he's probably still watching over you:

'Hence our dear Pastor, now in glory, is without doubt, manifesting a keen interest in the harvest work, and is permitted by the Lord to exercise some strong influence there (Revelation 14:17)' Watchtower, 11/1/1917, p. 325)
 Quoting: Nine's

Russell did not believe in a "governing body", and he did indeed state some things as being his opinion, especially as related to chronology and his expectations regarding time prophecies.


Our own views are not prophecy, but interpretations of the holy prophets of old. — Watch Tower, October 1890, page 8


Neither must you lean upon the DAWN and the TOWER as infallible teachers. — Watch Tower, June 1893, page 168.

By “DAWN,” Russell was referring to his book series “Millennial Dawn,” which were later renamed “Studies in the Scriptures.”


We claim no infallibility for our presentations. — Watch Tower, April 15, 1901, page 136.


We preach not ourself but Christ. We substantiate nothing except by his Word. We make no laws, formulate no creed, deprive no sheep of his full liberty in Christ; but merely on every question quote the Word of the Lord, through the apostles and prophets. We boast nothing, claim nothing of ourself. We are content to serve the Lord and his flock to the best of our ability–exacting no tithes, no “honor of men,” no confession of authority, no compensation; hoping merely for the love of the Lord and of those who are his children and have his Spirit. So far from forming or desiring to form a new sect, we ignore all sectarian systems and their claimed authority; we recognize only the “one Lord, one Faith and one Baptism” of the Scriptures and fellowship as a “brother” every person of decent morals who confesses faith in the “redemption through the blood of Christ,” and especially all of this class who profess a full consecration to the Lord’s will and service,– whatever sect they may be in, or outside of all. -- “The Watch Tower”, January 1, 1906 pg. 20


We are not prophesying; we are merely giving our surmises, the Scriptural basis for which is already in the hands of our readers in the six volumes of SCRIPTURE STUDIES. We do not even aver that there is no mistake in our interpretation of prophecy and our calculations of chronology. — Watch Tower, January 1, 1908, page 5.


I am not a prophet. The very most I try to do, dear friends, is to interpret prophecy.” — What Pastor Russell Said, page 272.


We try to be careful about every word that goes into the Watch Tower, but we do not claim to be infallible; we are doing the best we can. — What Pastor Russell Said, page 57.


We have not prophesied anything about the Times of the Gentiles closing in a time of trouble nor about the glorious epoch which will shortly follow that catastrophe…. We merely state that we believe thus and so, for such and such reasons. — Watch Tower, December 1, 1912, page 377.


We do not claim infallibility. — What Pastor Russell Said, page 83

We have never set forth anything to indicate that our view in the matter was infallible. I do not know positively that the times of the Gentiles will end in October, 1914, or at any other particular time. We think there is strong reason for believing that the Gentile Times will end in October, 1914. We give it as our opinion, and set before you the Scriptural reason. Some may believe and some not. This is our thought and if it is correct, about that time, or shortly thereafter, a great time of trouble will come upon the world. --What Pastor Russell Said, Q313:2, 1914.
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