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Message Subject OBAMA: I don't care about you. It's your kids that I want. Coming for the homeschoolers.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I totally support people's right to homeschool, but I have never seen the point in sheltering the kids from today's realities. Children have to be prepared to deal with this culture. I send all my kids to public schools. I deprogram them on a daily basis. All of my grown kids are conservative in political bend and see the danger of what is happening now. I also let them watch scary movies, play violent video games, do social networking online, etc. Because that is the world of their peers and of their future. They are kind, hard-working, responsible, law-abiding young adults (the ones that are adults, still have some brewing at home). e

I do believe being able to socialize in a way that enabled THEM to make choices worked to their advantage. Home-schooling just doesn't provide the same experience as going every day to a mini-city like a public school.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31907650

It's a misconception that homeschoolers are sheltered.

It isn't the same experience, it's better IMO. My son went to public school for 5 years. They weren't educating him properly at all. I fixed that at home.
 Quoting: Oubliette

I agree. I have raised three kids. Two were homeschooled and one went through the public system. Day and night difference, the two that were homeschooled make better choices, have so much more confidence. Basically they are not broken. I wish I could say the same for the one kid that went through the local public school. Perhaps at the time the one that was in public school seemed to be doing ok, just as others in his school but as young adults the damage began to show. I only wish knew better at the time, I would have never left him in public school
 Quoting: ella

Could you elaborate a bit?

I am concerned about what they're doing with my younger son, but I keep thinking it will get better "just around the corner", instead it seems like more bureaucracy just endlessly.

What did you observe after your public school educated child grew up?
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