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Message Subject More States Move to Nullify the Obama Gun Control Laws (video)
Poster Handle Mr. Weird
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Yeah but... In the long run (if there is a long run left) the federal beast just has to deny funding to a state for education or roads or whatever.

States like Texas have done studies that show they would be totally self sufficient if they seceded from the Union. And would be better off as far as keeping the money they presently send to Washington with Washington sending back a few bucks.

Back I think in the 80s when they raised the drinking age from 18 to 21. That was a state matter. But the Feds pushed and pushed. Montana held out the longest, if you can vote and go to war you can drink in our state.

But Montana caved and raised the drinking age when the feds threatened to with hold the highway money.

More than half the several states are on the federal tit more than any one on welfare. As in pay out in income taxes more than the state receives back from the Feds.

[link to www.economist.com]
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