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Obama Phone = Back Door to Internet Control

Team Uzi
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United States
02/28/2013 09:34 PM
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Obama Phone = Back Door to Internet Control
It would seem that when ever the government puts it's fingers into something it is done poorly. Look at the USPS compared to FedEx or UPS.
People, this is all about control. Health Care. OMG. you want your health care run the same way as the DMV?
Oh hell to the no.
Well now that "under privilaged" Americans have access to the "Obama Phone" (Costing tax payers over 1.75 billion) Obama wants to up grade their service to the 4 and 5 Gig that is currently on the market. These smart phones are supposedly issued to give the poor access to the web in order to provide access to job opportunities. I suspect it is only to chit chat on Facebook or to access Porn. Ewwww.
Anyway, Coupling the US Government with Major Wireless ISPs
means that the next logical conclusion is the restrictions that come along with a Government provided service.
Mark my words, government intervention into your Internet Service is coming soon and once they get their hooks into it plan on paying dearly for a service that monitors your every move.