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Message Subject Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is Nibiru the great perturber.
Poster Handle Dr. Astro
Post Content
If your idea doesn't match observed reality it is wrong.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Yes, correct, but please specify which observation regarding McCanney science does not match with observations.
 Quoting: glauco

I could get into it with you again about McCanney's failed claims of the mass and size of Hale-Bopp, but I'll go farther than that instead and predict a future failure of his science compared to observations. When comet ISON makes its close approach to Mars at only 0.072 AU on October 1st, it will fail to detectably perturb the orbit of Mars despite McCanney's claims that it's a massive planet-sized object. Will you then agree that McCanney was wrong, yes or no?
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

It is a bet? Alright, you do the same, but there are three aspects to consider: radical surface/atmosphere changes after the comet passage,
 Quoting: glauco

No. That is not the prediction. He claims the comet is as massive as a planet. Either that is true or it is not. If it is true, it WILL cause a detectable perturbation in the orbit of Mars. Atmospheric events are not confirmation evidence of such a claim. Orbital changes are, and either his claim will be confirmed or refuted. There is no third option and no need for "three other aspects." Either you will accept the above test of his claim or you will ignore empirical evidence proving his claim right or wrong. Which will it be?
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