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Message Subject Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is Nibiru the great perturber.
Poster Handle glauco
Post Content
Occam's Razor? But take care, I really know these subjects.
 Quoting: glauco

Tell us what you think you know about Occam's Razor. I suspect all you know about the concept is just enough to convince yourself that you're right about anything you want to be right about.
 Quoting: phoomp

It is quite simple: if you have two models which explains well the same observations but with contrary statements of the process, the simplest model is the correct.
 Quoting: glauco

As I suspected, you've got a simplistic understanding of Occam's Razor, by design to convince yourself that you're right.

Most people who invoke Occam's Razor fail to provide convincing evidence that their model is the simplest. In fact, they usually end up creating incredibly complex and convoluted arguments in an attempt to prove how simple their model is.

Quite often, it becomes quickly apparent that the only reason you think your solution is the simplest is because you have only a simplistic understanding of what you're talking about.
 Quoting: phoomp

You is too confused. In first paragraph you said that I don't know what is Occam's Razor, but following you said that probably I don't know enough about both models, the NASA's "little dirty snow ball" comet model (after the flybys comets are now little, dirty black, dry, hot, radioative, steaming, infinite mass and ice-cream, all mixed together) and the McCanney's "electric discharge comet model". You should talk about my misunderstanding about the Occam's Razor, but you didn't, you turn attention and messed the point!
Well, I guarantee you that I know about these topics as much as a non-physicist-common-people can do. As a common people, I don't need a PhD to tell me what is True or False all the time, I can hold this decision by myself.
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