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Message Subject Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is Nibiru the great perturber.
Poster Handle glauco
Post Content
Finally you did it.

But I'm still waiting for the real pictures, don't forget it. Long distance spectroscopic images does not proves that there are ice in the comet nucleous, it only shows elements in coma and corona.

Now you bring these papers I have two questions, maybe you don't know, so if somebody helps would be great:

1- How do they know these deuterated water came from ice?
2- Why is that spectroscopic lines so above "0"? reflected water should not be bellow that?
3- From where comes the metal molecules they found if the comet should had been created and ejected from inner solar system far before sun started creating these molecules?

Info: GLP automaticaly shortens the quotes - no need you do it.
 Quoting: Hydra

Cleaner is better.

You are avoiding my question! You ask "where is the comet", I said: "With or without comet, this is electric". No visible comet, understand, only a nice electricity spot emerging from nowhere. Why don't you explain that spot?
 Quoting: glauco

I explained it:
No there is another, more likely interpretation: explosion on impact.
 Quoting: Hydra

Explosion of what? An electric generator? That seems very voltaic arcs to me!
Impact of what? A comet like shoemaker did before? If you think so, why do you ask for the comet, if you knew its presence is obvious?

How can a small 17 meter asteroid produce an explosion in russia?
Remark: SL9 was estimated at 4 kilometer.
May be you can answer your question yourself now.
 Quoting: Hydra

This is not the same. Jupiter is a bit larger, and the meteor does not create the same type of energetic event.
 Quoting: glauco

And SL9 was 235 times bigger and was at least 5x10^15 more massiv.

What do you think what kind of energy a 5x10^15 more massiv comet produces?
 Quoting: Hydra

Compare the two events. The asteroid exploded ~32km up in the atmosphere, it did a long way down before exploding, and just a few hours later you could not find any trace of the meteor in the sky. Only the locals were able to see, feel and listen to the event.

Shoemaker exploded just a little before entering most thin Jupiter's atmosphere, produced X-Rays, was visible from Earth as a big explosion, and the marks remains in the upper atmosphere days and days after the impact. Jupiter have far more activity in its atmosphere then Earth, so surelly this mark should be desintagrated just after the impact.

The energy liberated was very stronger then the difference of sizes between Earth, the asteroid, Jupiter and the comet.
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