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Message Subject Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is Nibiru the great perturber.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's more information every day coming out about ISON.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Billxam

What is the best way to demolish the "PTB Cover UP"?

Publish the celestial coordinates of the approaching object.

Publish it in every astronomy forum.
Publish it at GLP.
Publish it in every other conspiracy forum.

They say, everybody can see this by now.
They claim it's 4° below the ecliptic - so every astronomer (amateur and professional) in the southern hemisphere and half the northern hemisphere could see it.

If they would publish the celestial coordinates nobody could stop it - thousends of astronomers would point their telescopes on it.

No chance for PTB to keep it secret any longer.

Why don't they publish the celestial coordinates?

Because it's a hoax.

Oh yes, it's part one of the video - may be they publish it in part two.
I'd say part two will be very short: "Thanx for watching my April Fools Day video."

 Quoting: Hydra

Could be possible...
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