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Message Subject HOW did we get to the MOON if we didn't know about this??
Poster Handle #Geomagnetic_Storm#
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I'll make these final comments and then drop out of this conversation. Some people on this thread seem angry that Neil Armstrong got to the moon, so they concoct all kinds of reasons to prove he didn't go there. Some ancient Greek once said that humans raise up gods so they can tear them down. I think this means that ordinary, non heroic people, which is about 99.9% of the population, hates the thought that some extraordinary people do amazing things. I think maybe that's what's occurring here with the angry posts insisting that this one extraordinary man did an extraordinary thing.

In the 35 years I knew Neil I never asked him the stupid question of "Did you really go to the moon?" because in casual conversations on other subjects he referenced things having to do with him landing on the moon. There is a famous shot that Aldrin took of Neil just after they landed and before Neil got out of the Lander, and his eyes are red rimmed and glassy. I joked to him that it looked like he had just finished a two day drinking binge and he said that in space, blood tends to congregate in mucus membranes like around the eyes. Many of those comments told me that he had been on the moon. And this thing I'll tell you about the man...he would be the last person in the world to lie. He was that straight an arrow. He was the guy every parent would hope their son would grow up to be like.

You non believers should move on to an easier target, like the president of the United States.
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