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Interesting info I came across yesterday and today

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/01/2013 10:02 AM
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Interesting info I came across yesterday and today
I don't normally watch Sid Roths show, but somehow I did yesterday. There was a man on who showed how specific dates correlate with Gods hand. I wish I took notes but he gave lots of examples such as....
The day Great Britan banned Israeli tourism ads, the same day a volcano erupted and the ash stopped all tourism in Great Britan....1 of many examples.... I found interesting.

Then today I check out the news as usual and come across an article on before it's news, in the spirituality section, obamas triumphant entry....is a very good article that corresponds dates of things scheduled now and it's comparison.

3/21 peace treaty to be announced
3/24 O triumphant entry into Jerusalem, is awarded a medal (palm Sunday)
3/26 the 2 witnesses on the scene (Holy Week)
4/21 UN accepts the peace treaty dividing Israel/Palestine...2 new countries
5/14 Israel's birth date, 5/13 Fatima last apparition and sun miracle, destruction of Rome predicted....Gods wrath on all the nations

I don't care what people say about Jews, but anyone who reads scripture at all, God blesses those who bless Israel..(as well, the opposite is true) ..they are HIS chosen people.

This thread is NOT about setting dates, but to look at dates already set and it's relationship to prophecy.

My personal thought is the Warning will be the next event since the Pope fled, and AC is not yet revealed.