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Pope and the First Ceremony of the Roman by Peter

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United States
03/01/2013 10:18 AM
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Pope and the First Ceremony of the Roman by Peter
The ceremony of the recognition of the Roman was awesome. Right at the moment the Pope resigned... Coyotes, quail, morning doves, and hawks all arrived into the Spirit Path. For once in a long time I felt again the Roman blood and ancestors in me. They put on one hell of a show for me... the tribes of Rome now must look inward. I come from many tribes... Celt, Germanic, Scottish, Abenaki, Roman... they are the ones I know. And today it was the Roman that needed to have a say in prayers made into the Sacred Mystery. Like the Lakota, the Eagle(aquila)is also highly regarded to the Roman and was the bird of Jupiter. In ancient times the eagle was a symbol of strength and courage, and immortality. The eagle was believed to be the king of the birds that could ascend above the storm, and become the messenger of the gods. According to ancient mythology the eagle would carry the soul into the presence of the gods. But today in my Roman way, and with all ancestors present, I brought the message to Sacred Mystery. And the Roman, Celt, Germanic, Scottish, Abenaki, and Roaman Ancestors within me were happy and so were those two coyotes that gathered the quail.

Cherish them all...

Peter Anthony

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