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Message Subject The 'acting' pope who took over on March 1, ....His name is Peter from Rome!! Stuff COULD BE starting NOW!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Vatican is ruled by the same people that did 911, Sandy Hook, etc.

They have a plan as you all know.

To get there they need to fabricate events. Some to start wars, some to crash country's economies, some to grab the guns from the americans, etc.

They also need to crush religious beliefs from time to another. They use all kinds of tricks to accomplish that. One is to make people believe that there are demons, prophecies being fulfilled, etc.

Sandy Hook wih all the actors and obedient green screen MSM shows you what they are capable of. I bet that they have a grand show for all of us coming. What you will see in the news will be as true as Independence Day.

Hollywood and MSM are one. And the storys they will tell us just as fantastic.

Believe me, they play you like fiddles. Do not listen. Rise up and throw these criminals in jail instead. That is all they are. No matter what fancy Sci-fi they play on us.
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