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Message Subject Are the elite going into hiding? Pope quits.DHS official quits. Rockefellers flee to Fiji. Queen cancels engagements,+ more & list growing daily!
Poster Handle thinkingoutsidetherhombus
Post Content
I just don't know, but the overall weirdness is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

This probably means nothing, but for the past 3 days there have been dozens of Chinook helicopters flying low from Buckley AFB (near Denver Intl. Airport) and heading west toward the mountains.
 Quoting: thinkingoutsidetherhombus

More info please? Did you personally see this? Pictures or links?

Only found that the CO Army Nat'l Guard operates out of that Buckley AFB with respect to outfitting various helicopters. Wiki: ""The ANG's state and federal mission is to provide trained, well-equipped men and women who can augment the active force during national emergencies or war, and provide assistance during natural disasters and civil disturbances.""
 Quoting: karinza

Yep, they were flying right over our house. I haven't seen or heard any more over the weekend and I didn't get any pics, but I will if they start up again. My husband's cousin trains helicopter pilots at the AFB down in CO Springs, but they were flying west, not south or southwest (which is where Cheyenne Mtn. is too). Curious!
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