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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle dagyboy
Post Content
Ladies and Gentlemen, AC’s and Members! I am proud to announce to you, a contest for 'one months full upgraded membership! A 10 dollar value! This donated generously by a individual that wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

This contest is open to all… but remember you have to at least have a free account to be eligible to redeem the prize!

Just like the last contest (The Poetry contest)… this will be open from Friday to Sunday (March 1st - March 3rd)

Contest is over at 6pm EST Sunday (March 3rd)

After the contest is over… 5 top finalist will be picked for a poll thread. Just like the last time. The GLP Community picks the winner… But wait… I am personally throwing in a trial upgrade to the GLPer that comes in 2nd place!

AND a donation generously by another member Shoot Strait Johnny will provide another trial upgrade to a 3rd place winner!

Now I wanna see your best original GLP themed story.

I want 300 words or less…

Be creative, be bold… entertain us, enlighten us, entice us! Use the memes of GLP… we all know them.... use them to create the best damned GLP themed story for us to see!

If you are unsure what your word count is… you can use this link
[link to www.wordcounttool.com]

So there it is GLP an easy fun way to receive a full membership…
(just don’t forget you need at least a free account to be eligible for the prize!)

AC’s and Members lets have it!

If you are curious… this OP is exactly 251 words…

 Quoting: Dr. Acula

was not logged in b4 so i reposted sorry.

where can i start? what should i say? or softly mumble?
words written down here on GLP often cause one to stumble!

stories here can enlighten the mood or can crash and burn.
some get lost in the moment or maybe just too obtuse to learn.

GLP is a book or a movie that should be already in the making.
it's people's lives through millions of screens that remain for the taking.

stories of hope stories of despair and stories of much loved shared.
emotions running high from the many that have only cared.

fact or fiction here on GLP the story does not really matter

for some it is about bend or break but the ban really does shatter.

world events that have come and gone that have made it to GLP'S screen.
conspiracies or not the story is here forever to always be seen.

life must still go on with or without sites like this.
of course many here on this forum do consider it bliss.

it's a closeness one often feels when writing whats on one heart.

a connection felt through the web of millions of viewers finding it hard to depart.
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