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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content

Hey bouncing elephant, I would totally bite... but i already did on the 26th lol

but if somebody can help raise you i will offer my green support to them
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

Thanks to

A Friend
Rabbit (who I can't find on the who's on list)

I now have 100.

So now you can add another runner up prize to your list. Just PM me when you have made your choice.
 Quoting: Shoot straight Johnny


many thanks for contributing to this!!

 Quoting: Dr. Acula

My pleasure.

I remember Well all the hard work you put into making the santa hats for all-comers over the Christmas period. And from other posts of yours.

A truly unselfish person. I like that. Very likeable as well.

I would like to upgrade more people myself, but I am currently sustaining about half a dozen other members, and times are hard at the mo.

Anyway, one thing you could do for me,..you could view and rate my video in my sig line and maybe leave a comment...that is...if you like it..if you don't like it, then don't leave a comment...LoL.
 Quoting: Shoot straight Johnny


your words humble me, thank you.

I will most certainly check out your video later tonight :)

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