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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The incessant ringing of the phone woke me at 9:06am. It was my uncle Frankie. He yelled "TELEPHONE POLES WILL BE DAMAGED!" like always. I half laughed and hung up on him.
Lit up a Morley and went out to check on my tomato plants. Looked like there was a storm comin' in so I decided to take them inside. Mailman came by as I was doing that and gave me a package. Inside was the new Fandango Rangers CD, Brokeback Rangers: Liberace Re-imagined. I was about to throw it in the player when I saw a movement out in the yard. It was the neighbor kid going BEZERK! I went out to him but the only thing I could get out of him was "The two witnesses are coming! The two witnesses are coming!". Took a drag from the Morley and just shook my head. Crazy kid. I turned to go back inside and noticed my other neighbor had put up a new flag. It was yellow with the letters B.S. I laughed. He was certainly full of it. He was always babbling about Zetas or the Galactic Federation or something but I never paid any attention. Went back inside and checked my email. Saw newsletters from the Real John Lear and John Titor. I'd read them later. Had to check the World At War thread on GLP first. Knocking interrupted me. It was the father of the crazy kid. "Sorry about Damian. He's really been affected by the chem-trails lately." "It's ok," I said, "life is like a box of chocolates. Empty and filled with brown paper wrappers." I shut the door, turned on the radio and put it on my favorite channel. UVB-76. I sat down, put out the Morley, and smiled. Time for a nap.
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Liked this story. bump
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