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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle Fuddy-Duddy
Post Content
Here is my submission and, to my chagrin, it's a true story.

It happened in October. I was alone. I had been on a little hike as the leaves were past their peak and were starting to fall. I went to get in my car as it was already dark and I had intended to get back to the car earlier. Something caught my attention through the trees. It was a light of some sort and it appeared to be getting higher and brighter by the second. I thought to myself, o crap, Iíve got to get outta here. I quickly got in the car, started it, and threw gravel as I sped away. It seemed like the light was following me. I was really getting more frightened by the minute. What was that light and why was it following me?? Perhaps I should have heeded the orgone thread. I made a mental note. Must go back and read all that UFO stuff. I pulled into my driveway and prepared to run into my house as quickly as possible. As I bolted from the car, I noticed the light again, it was even brighter. Then I paused to actually get a look at what it was. Oh, my bad. It was just the full moon rising. Wonder what made my imagination run so wild. Hmmm, could it be, could it be...GLP???
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