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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle Isis One
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I live in a mental facility (funny farm, cuckoo's nest, booby hatch, you get the idea) in northern Ont. There's nothing to do here but play cards, watch tv or surf the web. One of the homies turned me onto glp before Christmas. About a month ago, nurse ratched thought me and few of the other nutters were spending too much of the center's bandwidth on glp and pulled the plug. Fortunately we have a fellow patient with an iq up in the stratosphere. This guy is so smart that when he looks at you, you feel he's reducing you to a mathematical equation. He tears apart a gameboy and an old "stupid" cell phone and makes us a crude but working internet device. I have no idea how he was able to accomplish this feat and for all intense & purposes, an "impossibility" on the scale of constructing a DSLR camera out of a carpenter's tape. The screen was too small for us all to view so our boy wonder gets the "snatch" (resident thief) to steal nurse ratched's magnifying glass and a compact mirror to make a projection device that pretty much give us the same screen dimensions as a 27" monitor. We could only view the projection at night when all the orderlies were sleeping or watching tv. The device was hidden in an empty soda cracker box with a hole cut out of it for the magnifying glass. For the past 3 weeks now, we've been tuning into glp Via our "cracker boy". A few nights ago we were even able to get onto voice chat. We wanted to checkout "Astromut" but all we heard were people talking about "anal leakage" and all that good stuff.

 Quoting: TCS

That was awesome, had me drawn right in, couple other goods one before this too.
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