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Message Subject CONTEST! Now Closed, Voting poll now open! (Click to find link)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"The last humans exist in a spaceship. Not just any spaceship, but the sole remaining human construct in a dying universe. The ship, a light speed capable interstellar cargo transport is on the run. Fleeing with 600,000 remaining souls. Fleeing from dissolution, nothingness, the absolute final extinction of all.

Time is meaningless at the speed of light. A decent guess, if they cared to make one, of how long they have been on the move is 10 million time units, or standard earth years. For the first seeming infinity, they debated the cause. Some said the higgs-boson had decayed causing bubble of nothingness to spring forth at the speed of light, returning the universe to the nothingness from which it sprang. Others thought it was the result of the solar system hadron collider unraveling the fabric of space time. The few religious believed it was the supreme beings ultimate wroth with mankind. Eventually, it no longer mattered, they all lived in a state of never ending terror, at the eventual oblivion.

The second seeming infinity was used in endless debate. Debate on how to repair the universe. Debate on how to escape into a different universe, and debate on if they should simply embrace the void. The final solution was an old earth concept of virtual reality. All remaining beings are cycled through the never ending computer simulation. The infinity in an infinity. It was thought experiencing thousands of lifetimes of loss and death would help us accept the nothingness.

The final infinity is our own, you and I, or at least a 599,999 of you and I, inhabit this plane, aboard our ship, fleeing moments ahead of the destructive wave. To keep us entertained, forever, we draw ideas from the last database of free human thought, an ancient website called GLP."

299 words.
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