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Message Subject COMCAST is gonna "hijack" your internet!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is an extremely simple, easy and cheap solution :

Charge ALL internet account holders a modest 'media levy' via their ISP bills. About $1 a month each from a couple of billion account holders would more than cover it.

Then divvy that up according to the media downloaded. Or according to real-world market share. Or the amount they pay performers. Whatever.

IRL libraries do this. Performing rights licenses do this. Municipal services (property tax etc) do this. They will continue to do this forever. Because it works so well.

The business model is there, tried and proven for years.

But instead, as has been pointed out endlessly by digital media experts, the 'traditional' entertainment industry has refused to embrace the possibilities and potential that the internet offers them for monetizing their output and good PR.

This antiquated 'solution' ensures at least:

- consumer alienation en mass
- stifling creativity
- criminalizing behavior that the web actually encourages and was set up for (sharing info in all sorts of media)
- huge opportunities for abuse against individuals, most of whom have no idea how to understand such abuse let alone defend themselves against it
- defeating the whole object of the web as envisaged by its founders and embraced by its users

Thin end of the wedge. With such outmoded and punitive restrictions, the internet is destined to become a pale shadow of what it was and what it could become.

Meanwhile, to see exactly what's watching your internet connections, download the free TCPView from www.sysinternals.com

Prepare to be shocked.
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