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Message Subject COMCAST is gonna "hijack" your internet!!
Poster Handle HypnoSlaveDoll
Post Content
The thing that concerns me the most about this is the invasion of privacy aspect.... Yeah, okay, sure, you're monitoring my account to see if I'm downloading any illegal torrents... But WHAT ELSE can they see??? My emails? My browsing habits? My online purchases? And what reassurance do we have that this type of personal data isn't compromised? In the search for pirates, who's to say Comcast (or any ISP) won't sell information about me to other companies, under the guise of 'marketing data' or some such nonsense.

I see this as the beginning of the end of any 'privacy' online, in the name of stopping piracy, much like all the Gestapo TSA bullshit being done to 'stop terrorism'...

My data is MY BUSINESS- therefore I will continue to use my VPN and not have to worry about anyone sifting through my personal affairs.

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