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Message Subject COMCAST is gonna "hijack" your internet!!
Poster Handle Oubliette
Post Content
Copyright holders need to figure out new ways to license their work so that peiple can legally access it. Itunes is close. At least iTunes music can be purchased on a computer and transfered to a non-apple device, but movies and tv shows can't.
My husband has an android tablet, and there's NOWHERE to purchase s high quality movie. The Google play store has "HD" movies, but they are pixelated amd look like crap! Why pay $15 for a pixelated movie that looks like hell when you hook the tablet up to your TV? That is theft.

You know what else is theft? When I purchases a DVD of Disney's tangled at a highway rest stop while making a road trip. The damn movie was defective, and wouldn't play after a certain point. We couldn't return it, so then what? I have to buy another copy?
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