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Message Subject Can Someone Place A Tracking Device Inside Your Gas Tank
Poster Handle odinson222
Post Content
The whole incident does not make sense. I checked the gas levels on all the vehicles and no gas was taken. We are being more vigilant since the stalkers are getting more brazen.
God bless
 Quoting: odinson222

Does someone hate you?
Usually if someone is popping open your gas tank late at night it's either to steal gas or add sugar...
 Quoting: The Loophole

One truck had the push door slightly ajar. My car has a push button on the inside of the car and the car was locked. Somehow someone figured out to open the door without a screw driver that would leave marks.

This wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many unmarked black vehicles or vehicles with blacked out windows seen in the area. Today my bro while walking the street behind my house noticed a black escalade just parked with 2 people sitting. He glanced at them and kept walking, Later he noticed the car slowly going down the main side street like they were watching him.

I just worry for my 2 year old son who he is watching for us for the work week. My other neighbor who got the licence plate number 3 weeks ago on another car and was turned into the police didnt come back with anything.

The police havent responded which is strange unless they forgot or the plate is government related.

We will see soon!

Good night!
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