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Message Subject Very Disconcerting Youtube Video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Supreme Potentate
"Obama, COME FORTH!" shouts Rev Wright as the Supreme Potentate Obama steps forth into the Global Community, " Obamaism begins. The New Babylon is born.

"Obamaism " will now be decreed as the only legal religion on Earth and, it will be further decreed that all will be required to bear a mark (the biblical Mark of the Beast) signifying their loyalty to him and the Global Community in order to buy or sell.

Next will be the decree that those who did not accept the mark, along with any who refused to proclaim him as God, would be beheaded by a guillotine, known as a "loyalty enforcement facilitator."

A Novel , adapted from the words of Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins..

time will tell if in fact this is far fetched. The hurdles that this man overcame were huge, yet some how he made it?

Does that not beg to question how on earth he did it, was it not with very powerful and I feel evil entities/forces and sacrifices that brought this event to fruition..
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