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Message Subject Very Disconcerting Youtube Video
Poster Handle Lady Wolf
Post Content
SSDD- October 8th, 2011 to be exact

Do you guys remember all the tsunami and flooding dreams last year? Or how about that round of eminent rapture threads? No?

Seems like a nice sincere person and all but I kept thinking the whole time it was sort of like watching a rat chase its own tail. I also keep thinking that something somewhere is feeding off the fear being generated by these many Youtubes/threads and it isn't healthy.

Maybe, just maybe people should try not to feed the beast so much?

If not that at least tell the gal in the video to dial back on the eye shadow. Looking borderline clownish.

Whatever. God didn't tell me to post this or anything so pay no never-mind and carry on as usual...
 Quoting: Raymantheheretic

Thank you for posting this other video, regardless of your intentions in posting it. As for your assessment on her make up. I don't think she is wearing too much. I just think the video has very poor lighting quality and so it highlights her face more so than normal. I sense a very humble person here who is only telling us about things she is experiencing and seeing around her during these uncertain times we are living in.
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