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The demonstration this afternoon attracts attention all over the world. The press highlights global membership of "teachers, pensioners, health officials, unions, politicians and feminist groups" convened by the protest movement Fuck the Troika (consisting of 120 activists, writes the Spanish newspaper "ABC") and underline the indignation of the Portuguese.

The foreign media give special weight to the recovery of "Grândola brown town" and the motto "The people who are more orders" and explain the role that the song had Zeca Afonso in the Revolution of 1974. "It's a slow ballad, with lyrics motivating," writes the Associated Press (AP). Is meant to be sung at the Palace Square in Lisbon at the end of the course, and 20 other Portuguese cities and six foreign: Barcelona, Madrid, Boston, London, Paris, Athens and Stockholm.

The AP notes that the "Grândola" has been sung whenever a minister speaks in public and even the prime minister has been targeted her in Parliament. This agency emphasizes the "creativity" of the Portuguese, whose forms of protest include asking invoices on behalf of Pedro Passos Coelho or their supporters. The American portal "The World" tells the story of Carlos Bahia, Portuguese broadcaster residing in Connecticut (USA), which has seen many community members lusodescendente asking that touch the "Sines" on his station.

Objective: half a million

At the root of anger is popular, the AP notes, the fall in living standards due to the austerity measures demanded by international lenders and adopted - beyond these requirements - by the government, without which economic indicators improve. "The unemployment rate soared to 17.6%, double that of three years ago, and GDP fell 3.8% in the last quarter of 2012, as the worst in decades," writes the Spanish agency EFE. "Do not miss the Portuguese reasons to grumble," considers the AP. The "ABC" said the organizers want to join half a million on the streets. "The wages of February was the best call," says Joanna, a young woman interviewed by the Madrid daily.

EFE recalls the manifestation of September 15, 2012, attended "hundreds of thousands of people in one of the most multitudinous manifestations organized in Portugal against the budget cuts demanded in exchange of financial loans to the country." This demonstration did the Government intend to move backward in the single social tax, charging more workers and less on bosses, something that both these rejected. For now wants to be "a manifestation of families," without violence, says the "ABC" one of the organizers.

EFE notes that today's protest follows in seventh full review of the troika, composed of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, the economy's adjustment plan lusa. According to the Spanish agency, "various professional guilds and civic groups announced they join the call 'tidal' sector to participate in the protests, which are present in unions, left parties and military associations." "The idea symbolizes tidal rivers that converge in the same protest," writes "ABC".

And if Passos Coelho devalued the initiative saying that "we must not confuse trees with the forest," the organizers of the demonstration responded with a sign that says "The forest is us," says the AP.
[link to expresso.sapo.pt]
 Quoting: Luisport

Yeah yeah... but still they go back to work for the troika the next day.

Socialists... always the same.

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