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Message Subject Colorado to All Ban Shotguns. Existing guns will be ILLEGAL to Sell, Transfer, or Lend. Illegal to lend to Your Own Kids While Hunting
Poster Handle FatalW1shes
Post Content
Warning for those in Colorado. Your State Legislators are pushing a bill through that will ban all shotguns and your Governor says he is going to sign it.

[link to offgridsurvival.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32328802




Most shotguns not all.

You can still use Over and Under break actions, Side by Side, or single shot shotguns.

Almost ALL Pump and Semi's will be banned.....not all shotguns period.

Please fix your title op or at least read the story you posted.

And what will happen is what happened to AR 15's in California. There will be a Colorado Shotgun option where they cannot be modified and have extended tubes.

The gun industry will work around this. It's not difficult.

It's still bullshit though since most shotguns go unmodified and it's really gonna fuck up the 3 gun crowd.

By law you cannot hunt with more than 3 rounds anyhow....

It's stupid...it really is.
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