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Message Subject Colorado to All Ban Shotguns. Existing guns will be ILLEGAL to Sell, Transfer, or Lend. Illegal to lend to Your Own Kids While Hunting
Poster Handle thinkingoutsidetherhombus
Post Content
I'm in Colorado and people are not happy about this at all. Really stupid to ban a hunting shotgun in a state where hunting is a way of life to a lot of families.

Here is our local news report on it. [link to denver.cbslocal.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17338098

Throw the bastards out! How fucking hard is it to go up there grab them by the shirt collar and throw their asses out on the damn streets and tell them to their fucking faces in front of God and everyone they are hereby fired! The reason why this is happening is because ya'll put up with it and you're scared to really do what's right once and for all.
 Quoting: hawk8414

Well, aren't you just Mr. Big Talk? This is happening all over and if it's not in your area it will be shortly. I'll watch for you on the national news accosting politicians and we'll see how well that works out for you.

I'm doing my part to stop this, believe me, but being stupid isn't going to accomplish anything.
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