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Message Subject Why are there no photos of the Florida sinkhole that swallowed the guy in his bed?
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
another point worth laying out and attacking is the guy who jumped in the hole to rescue his brother jeff bush, was rescued by a cop. How did a cop get there so fast to rescue the other bush guy
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18237036

YES. The brother claims to have "jumped in" the sinkhole! Then the policeman "grabbed" the brothers arm to pull him up and out of the sinkhole.

Very suspicious. Why the HELL no photo?

What if this is related to BAYOU CORNE SINKHOLE?!?!?

What if this is related to Madrid Fault?!?!?

WHat if this Florida Hoax-hole is related to both of the above, and the Macondo Well blowout which is *still* leaking in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico???!!!

I am not joking either.

Until I see at least *one* photo of this sinkhole, I believe this is a cover story for an impending "event" disaster which the .gov expects to occur in the next few days/weeks.
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