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Message Subject Why are there no photos of the Florida sinkhole that swallowed the guy in his bed?
Poster Handle blueflowers
Post Content
"Authorities abandoned efforts to recover the body of 36-year-old Jeff Bush on Saturday, saying the ground in the area was too unstable to support a search."


"Tomorrow, our contractor will move in on-site and finish the demolition," Merrill said. "They’ll pull out the rest of the structure, load it up and take it away."


Sensitive microphones and a small camera were lowered into the hole Friday and produced no signs that Bush was alive.
On Saturday, experts measured and monitored the hole and determined it would not send recovery personnel inside.
“It’s not possible to recover the body,” Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill said, later adding, "We're dealing with a very unusual sinkhole."

WTF. So it's not a sinkhole, which is more like quicksand, it's just a big, gaping hole?? They could lower a camera into it, but they couldn't try to recover the body? Very bizarre. I guess that is a "very unusual sinkhole", huh?

This is what a house-swallowing sinkhole looks like:
[link to image3.examiner.com]

NOT a gaping chasm.
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