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Message Subject Why are there no photos of the Florida sinkhole that swallowed the guy in his bed?
Poster Handle Obiwanbeeohbee
Post Content
Okay, I think I've got this one figured out - what was to have been a large undertaking in summarily extracting Jeb Bush from his home and dispatched
'elsewhere', a civilian was taken in his stead.

Jeb had angered many Union folks after his February 27 Twitter message concerning the jailing of Elba Esther Gordillo the leader of the Teachers Union in Mexico.
Union members on both sides of the border were upset to see him spreading the word on Elba's shameful activities.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]
[link to news.yahoo.com]

Coordinating efforts, sympathetic Unions plotted to kidnap Jeb Bush in an act of revenge and to ensure that he would not be available for the next (or any) presidential election.

The Janitors Union of Virginia absconded with a trailer full of failed DARPA experiments, namely the Robo-Mole - a ten-inch high earth mover with a collective ease for burrowing
and passing dirt off from one R-M to another (and so on). One alone could not fulfill the task they had in mind but with as many as they held the deed was as good as done.

Note: Many good people were yelled at for stealing this Top Secret video of a DARPA Robotics Conference - Instructing Engineers and Robo-Techs on their
desire to fuse mole abilities with robotics.

The plan was to burrow from underneath the broom closet in Hangar 12 at the MacDill AFB -
utilizing the six thousand Robo-Moles to cut their way across Florida to the home of Jeb Bush and take him to the nearest ET3 station
(200 feet underneath the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyworld).

[link to www.et3.com]
[link to www.digitaltrends.com]

The Pleiadian-funded ET3 tube/tunnel system was built by many Union hands and therefore its inner-workings quite well known to them. Well enough to pull off such a plot.

From the Disneyworld ET3 station Jeb would be sent to the Tijuana ET3 and sold off to the highest bidding Cartel (who, rumor has it would have committed him to a life of pressing out
Churro dough for theme parks all over the world).

Thread: Police discover passage the length of 8 football pitches running under Mexico border... and it even has a hydraulic elevator
[link to www.capitalchurros.com]

Something went horribly wrong when the R-Ms made a collective mis-step and instead burrowed under the known home of one Jeff Bush.
He was collected without a thought as the R-Ms had no way of distinguishing the mistake they had made.

It wasn't until Jeff was delivered to the Sleeping Beauty ET3 that the Union thugs found they had the wrong man.
By this time the CIA caught on to the outrageous plan and took control of the situation.
The black-op Union agents were arrested but released within hours of capture with a substantial pay raise waiting for them above ground.

There was no way to return Jeff to his normal day to day life after the embarrassing amount of damage the R-Ms had done to his home and the lower regions of Florida.
He would have blown the whistle on the evil-doers and exposed quite a bit more than the government would have been comfortable with.
Instead he was whisked across the country on an EvacTube hurtling 6,000 miles an hour to the ET3 station in Salinas California.
From there CIA made a pit stop at the In N Out Burger (they were hungry apparently). The next stop was to be the ET3 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Once in Hawaii Jeff was briefed on what was to become of him on this world -
he was to be projected through the Niihau Stargate (which oddly enough rests on an assemblage of Lei lines and not the typical ley lines found throughout the world).

Thread: Stargate or Missile? Mysterious bubble light burst over Hawaii

The Stargate rests within the extinct volcano found on Niihau (the Forbidden Island). Calculations were made in advance, discovering that Alternative Earth #VB-6831-200 was indeed identical to our known Earth but in this version Jeff Bush would have never been born but could very well be introduced to this time fold with the assistance of heavy media play.

On this side we have seen his sad demise but on the other he has been re-united with his family as a long-lost brother they never saw coming and an absolute gift.
Conveniently, in this Alternative Earth we find his father too old and mixed up to recall such a birth ever taking place-chalking it up to a night of passion somewhere in Korea during the war...

 Quoting: Jinxy McDeath

Sounds legit.
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