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Message Subject WTF? Drones Can Detect if Citizen is Armed...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Man them drones are sweet looking. GSM, which is the encryption that most cell phones use can readily be listened to by these small suit cases that contain an LCD monitor, keyboard and two antennas. Not only can they hear you and the person you are talking to, known as duplex, but they can print out the text of the conversation. Cell phones are being compromised by hackers inventing their own devices to intercept cell phones.
 Quoting: bugrebop

Crazy aint it! I mean for them be ppl able to print in txt my conversation that will go something like this..

Ring, ring, ring...... Looks at phone, missed call " wifey"..
i call back... Hey you called? Yes honey just wanted to know what you would like for dinner.... Uummm.... How about some rice bean and chicken wings... Ok... Ok... Love you.. Love you too bye..bye..

Think i will get arresred for that? Think i care that they heard that? Fuck no... Not even if the conversation is about getting some that night, shit they can park over my house... Ill give them a show..
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