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Message Subject Breaking! Homeland Gestapo Chief of Staff Quits Suddenly
Poster Handle nerd
Post Content

The guy in the video is 100% incorrect about inflation. His crush on Paul Krugman is way too obvious. Typical Keynesian Apologist playing one side of the field and pretending the other side simply does not exist.
 Quoting: nerd 31855582

but yet youarenot smart enough , or care enough about the posters here or anywhere else, to be refuting it with a better explanation. Instead you are just being satisfied with gossip you heard at the Y
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1263824

Never been to the Y. and you obviously did not read the very next post

HERE IT IS AGAIN, exactly like the previous page:

ZIRP can't last forever, no matter what The Bernak tells you. Interest rates will rise, and then inflation will be extreemly rapid and unstopable. All those trillions in hot money are bound to show up (or trickle down, if you JMK'ers prefer) in consumer prices.

This guy isn't just totally wrong about everything, he is cheerleading for MOAR of the system that brought us here.
 Quoting: nerd 31855582

youhave nothing to offer.

Whereare your charts?

Iam sticking with the guy with the "charts".

In Russia, 60 million people were killed by the Bolsheviks.

In Germany 20 million people were killed by the NAZIS.

In China, 45 million people were killed by the Communists.

And none of the people had weapons because these governments took their weapons and made possession of weapons illegal.

now do the Sandy Hooks, and all the bullets government is buying, make sense to it all for you, yet?

How 'bout this one:
Ron Paul, “Yeah, I know that‘s their goal, They're Setting Up The Stage For Violence In This Country”: H.R. 645:
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1263824

My disagreement with the video is about inflation and how it works. He is simply wrong.

It had nothing to do with gun control, bolsheviks, nazis, or communists.

I am a staunch supporter of not just the Second Amendment, but the entire Constution. You should read it instead of posting disinfo vids and ranting non-sequitiors about nazis and gun control when the conversation is about the role of interest rates and money printing on monitary inflation as reflected in consumer prices.
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