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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Folks if We the People are ever to fix things in government, we need to stop the blame game. I too used to blame one party for the failures in American politics. At 38, the past 13 years have proven to me that both Democrats and Republicans are in on it. You don't spending like our government does and have one side at blame. You don't have the Constitution being shredded by one side, but by both sides. Until we stop the blame game and come to the conclusion that both parties are the problem, nothing will be fixed. Honestly, it is past the point of being fixed. You don't pay back over 16.5 trillion and you don't get the rights and liberties back both parties have taken from We the People. remember when Republicans said to elect them in 2010 and they would stop spending and get rid of Barrycare? Hummm? never happened, right? NDAA The Patriot Act? Both passed by both Demos and Repubs. So what happens? I don't claim to have the answer but I do know Republicans and Democrats are the not the answer. We the People are the answer if a majority wakes up. Until then... we will continue down a unconstitutional road to demise and it's paved with our tax dollars. We are funding our own demise.
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant16

what i don't understand is that we realize (at least most of us do), the problems we have and the trouble we are in as a nation and yet we keep electing the same people who brought us here in the first place.

some of the people in congress have been around since i was a kid and every year there is the same fight the same "budget woes" the same blame game and the same people back-slapping each other and calling each other "my friend from across the aisle".

even if this sequestration, all it is is cuts in how much we will spend not real cuts to what is already being spent.

for instance if we spend 100 dollars on something this year the congress wants to spend 120 next year and the cuts in the budget will only allow congress to spend 119 dollars and this the democrats call draconian cuts????? only to scare those who depend on the gov for a living...and it works everytime thanks to the hysteria which the media gins up for obama...
 Quoting: davvi

Because at this time... they are electing themselves. This idiot in the whitehouse was never "elected"... he used ACORN to commit massive voter fraud the first round... and did the same with the actual vote count this time around.. hell my own voting precinct has 140% turnout.. thats right 40% more votes than registered voters.
How does that happen.. and it happened in every state in the union.. his votes were counted overseaes.. in spain.

When you have a system and conspirators in place who will cooperate with you to rig "elections".. you can vote yourself in... just like this kenyan cocksucker did.. 2 times now.

there is your answer. i don't know a single individual that "voted" for that piece of shit this time... even out of those idiots that did the first time.

the communists cheated.. it's what they do.
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