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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Inciting a revolution plays right into their hands.
What needs to happen is a general withdrawal of support.

Just stop cooperating, believe me they will notice and they will respond, most likely with violence, but the important thing to remember is they will be the ones firing the first shots giving we the people the moral high ground.

History shows in this type of conflict 1/3 are against it, 1/3 for it and 1/3 sit on the fence waiting to see who wins. By not inciting but responding you will swing the fence sitters to your side.

It won't be easy and it wont be without sacrifice but in the long run people will eventually see the central government and its enablers for the monsters that they are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33661162

i agree with you, armed revolution is ABSOLUTELY the wrong thing to do. who would we be fighting, our own sisters and brothers? no thank you...

your idea of withdrawing support is perfect and must start with the media first and then giving up membership in either party and becoming an independent.

the third thing is letting newly elected officials that if they don't do the job we will fire them too...

one more thought, i have seen newly elected republicans who try to make a difference and try to make changes only to find themselves under fire from both democraps AND establishment republicans. the new repub stands alone without support from us...that must change.
 Quoting: davvi


and this is the problem with estrogen, as well as putting it in government.

Are you high?

Woman you have read this thread, commented seen the facts and STILL think "republicans" are the answer.

NO.. they are not!

YOU CANNOT vote anyone anywhere.. they rig the vote to do what they want it to do. The ONLY thing that is going to change their minds is a bullet.

As long as we sit and take it they will continue to dish it out, you can appeal to tyrants, i will kill them.

Wake up.. none of those people are our "brothers and sisters" they are power hungry monsters who would eat your heart for dinner.
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