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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the problem is money...

the gov't is just a legitimate front for drug laundering, money laundering, and of course child pedophelia. all of these things are 'evil' but they all come back to the money.

The privately-owned Federal Reserve central bank is the root problem.
 Quoting: SteamrolledGobias

True yet if the FED didn't do the QE's Obama would have never gotten re elected. Everything would have crashed (which would be good) and everything would be on the way up by now. The problem is that the FED has been keeping politicians in office and kicking the cam down the road. All while screwing we the people and devaluing our dollars, which makes everything more expensive. FED + Government + big banks ='s the shit we are in today.
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant16

Wrong. QE had nothing to do with saving the economy. They Bailed out banks owned by them to free credit. So they gave themselves money, put the bill on us with interest, and spent the money on themselves. Just the bailouts alone could have paid every mortgage in america. Didn't see that did ya.

Companies and some small banks would have went under but that would have been good. The big banks would have been fine. Hell they didn't even hold the fucking notes anymore, they sold them on the open market. The PMI insurance would have went under, but most did anyway.

The QE b.s was just more crap to inflate the dollar putting us on the ROAD TO COLLAPSE. There was still a chance before the bailouts and the QE's. And collapse is what the fed wants 100%.

If you collapse the U.S. everything falls apart. Then the U.N. comes in and faces only small resistance. Militia groups, but under the collapse their will be no organized resistance. Or at least not how it would be if we formed unity before.

This is the whole goal. Get as many guns as possible, especially in populated areas. Collapse the system. Then come in under the flag of humanitary and take over.

The owners of the fed don't live here. They control the U.N.
With the U.S out of the way, NWO--one world gov happens.

Are gov. is all bought and paid. No normal man has 2 million to run for house or senate. More than that in bigger states. And forget trying for president. The only chance we have is unity and strike now, but it won't happen and we will face a very biblical ending.
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