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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They (fed inc) are a business and no "democratic" action will EVER change the business plan and model. Both dems and repubs work for the same business. They may disagree on how the business operates but ultimately, they want to keep the fed inc rolling. The fed inc. has share holders/investors who also generate revenue through the manipulation of the fed inc.’s policies and contractual relationships with its “citizens (corporate term).”

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

There is over 100+ "agencies" listed which generate revenue and provide a product. That simple. This business uses "politics" as a front. This business is not interested in CONSUMER grievances.

If you are tired with the business plan/model, stop accepting their products.

They are not concerned with "rights" or "liberties" or "freedoms." These words are just legalize; utensils in a large dinner table of control and serfdom.


(2) (a) A political right

(b) franchise, privilege

(Source: [link to www.merriam-webster.com]

[link to realitybloger.wordpress.com]

These people view the bulk of the earth as inhabitants/leeches/slime overtaking their precious resources. They have agendas in place to combat the doubling rate of our population and stop the overwhelming effects on our planets resources.

[link to www.google.com]

The constitution is a business contract that prohibits employee actions. However, as we've seen, the business who is in charge of creating and modifying the contract has the authority to change the existing contract.

If you have any faith in ANY of the people who work the fed inc business, you have already lost.

The only thing, and I do repeat: THE ONLY THING that will have any effect of the fed inc, will be the masses declining/objecting/refusing and not complying with any fed inc contract. Meet with people in your county, join a de jure (lawful) republic ( [link to republicfortheunitedstates.org] and decline help from the fed inc, and wherever possible, the state inc. as well.

At the very least, do not be a consumer!

[link to www.sedm.org] <<<Path to Freedom pdf.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1565431

there is no such thing as "democratic" action in this country. We are a land of law.. with government being bound by the supreme law of the land, the constitution... not a tyranny of the majority .. which is EXACTLY what a "democracy" is. Stop using that foul fucking word and stop perpetuating a lie.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34814481

The fed corporation formed a de facto, (of fact, not law)democratic form of government. Right around the creation of the fed...the fed inc is exempt from law, that is a fact. nothing what i said was a lie and im not sure what your point was...i read law, then i type it in this little box so you can understand.
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