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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I say Darwin...

Darwinian Selection...

Darwinism is the problem...

In the 1800's Darwin proved it was possible, through "selective reproduction" that ANY characteristic of any animal could be selectively enhanced, or selectively eliminated.

So, immediately Psychopaths, and Malignants set out to produce a "Superior Race", an "Uber Man", a "Master Race" not predicated on any easily defined external characteristic, but on a characteristic that is easily hidden from the simpleton.

The Psychopath and Malignant set out to "Darwinian Select", or "Selectively Reproduce" those creatures that exhibited a penchance for THEIR desired version of Despotism.

The Ability to Callousely Victimize Others,
the Absence of Concience,
the Absence of Empathy,
the Absence of Sympathy,
the Absence of Humility,
the Absence of Remorse,
the Ability to Convincingly Lie,
the Ability to Manipulate the Simpleton,
the Ability to Disguise their Deviancy,
the Ability to Size-up Victims Quickly.
and more...etc.

The Psychopaths and Malignants have been working this diabolical plan for generations.

That...is the problem.
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