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Message Subject The root problem is Government.
Poster Handle MHz
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The only answer is an all out full blown revolution to completely rid this country of the mass corruption from gov't to corporations.
 Quoting: Channelingmyself

That's about right, if you don't take it down to bedrock you can't be sure that what you build will last for a very long time. There is no shortage of money, it is just in the wrong accounts. Rather than the Rothschild banks getting $106 for each $100 they 'invent' they get to use 6% of the total to run all the things associated with money and loans are interest free and from the full amount of the loan the 96% not going to the banks remains in circulation in the public coffers forever.

A little refinement and the banking system doesn't favor anybody to greed is reduced to a large extent because each persons cheque at birth should last him his whole lifetime doing what everyone else is able to also do. (if not more is available)

If the same level of technology can be maintained Government could be done by citizens in the form of referendums on all federal issues and organized by the State Governments that are in charge of such tasks and the (un-inflated 'cost+' bill is paid for by all that belong to the 'union'. For the people is still valid, by the people could be upgraded from the time of hand delivered letters by nothing faster than a walking horse. Today watching real-time typing is not just a dream. (be better if they did the editing rather than just complain about it taking so long, lol.

A site like this could even target a member by auto listing things in his private mailbox of coming up bills and once he provides the needed proof that he has voted the 'ad' is removed. It jumps his pension up to something higher than the base yet lower than the highest available today. The more input you have in your spare time.

The last period (1500 - present) was for an 'infant government', if it never passes away the new and improved cannot exist or be born or whatever it is that results in 'society moving two steps out of the trees' rather than jumping back in because we are more familiar with that.

Make politics part of the core classes but at the digital level with vid clips and background info readily available to them when they are learning how to write and do basic math. More local than international and when retired more international and less local.

With the translation tools we have language is not a barrier to a return to being able to do tasks that were community involved on an 'international level' and the tower would be an example of the type works that could be completed. Being equal to God would be making the deserts become green and the quality of life be as good as possible in a flawed world.

Going to the moon would have elevated the use of robotics and the 'return' would not have been planned and barring an early breakdown they could still be functioning today so we would have made it to the moon as a joint effort instead of it being one nation only. Depending what they would have found it may have made a great docking station and observatory. If the base temp is above 200F then how big a glass so you could make make glass into 'lightweight products'. Build the model, then if that works out build the final version of whatever.
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