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Girl Who Invented New Molecule - CLARA LAZEN --> anagram CLEAR LANZA or LANZA LACRE

Jefferson Davis
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03/02/2013 10:34 PM
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Girl Who Invented New Molecule - CLARA LAZEN --> anagram CLEAR LANZA or LANZA LACRE
Some serious SH!T is about to go down...

Here's the link to her story: [link to www.geek.com]

CLARA LAZEN is a perfect anagram for CLEAR LANZA as well as LANZA LACRE. This could indicate the Sandy Hook conspiracy may be exposed. Or, using the Spanish "LACRE" for the word "Seal" as in red wax seal or "seal judgments", this could be a marker for the first or second seal judgments.

If that's not enough for you - her school "Border Star" Montessori is an anagram for "BAD TERRORS", "TRADERS ROB". Both CLARA LAZEN and BORDER STAR contain the words "CZAR" and "TSAR" respectively (although I don't have sufficient language skills to determine if there are any Russian words in those anagrams). BORDER STAR is also an anagram for RED STAR ORB... I haven't been a Planet X Nibiru believer, but hey, maybe this is too much of a sign.

Operation "Border Star" is the name of a State of Texas Border Security Effort.

This is too much of a coincidence. Prediction: If we were to analyze all of this I imagine we could find the next big event.

She seems a bit spooky if you ask me. Look at the last few sentences: "Experts have stated that if it can be successfully made that there is potential for it to be able to store energy, or cause a very large explosion. The total possibilities of the molecule will be unknown until it can actually be made.

As for Lazen? She is already dreaming about monetizing her find, in a report on the local news she states that she could sell it to the US military. Way to go kid!"
Jefferson Davis