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Message Subject Breaking-Assad Vows To Retaliate Against Israel For Airstrike
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
Assad bitchslapped the UK government. Nobody could argue with what he said about them, nobody. That speaks volumes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20684458

UK regime is a warmongering bunch of fags. Has always been.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35478237

coming from Germany you crack me up Hahaha roflrofl
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35160978

England was down to it's last week of rations and out of ammo in WWII before the US became the 3rd 'one' in.

Was the Israel raid not the assassination of an Iranian General that specialized in civilian infrastructure (compared to French Commandos who are interested in wrecking the same) rather than wrecking what would be the equal to the admin and shop facilities for repairs in any township anywhere in the world. Anybody identify the two military vehicles there. One would seem to have enough antennas that it would equal what the UN has driving around the Golan Heights even though it is under IDF control. (that missing UN person get found yet?).

That would be why Israel isn't directly claiming credit instead of making a big deal over the storage facility they bombed took credit for a few years back in 'Operation Orchard'. (to the point of dropping DU so it would test positive, most likely a war crime by itself).

Syria can get it before a UN Court once the bullets start flying. Assad could lay the charges himself or the evidence could come at his trial at the same ICC Court rather than a Military Tribunal held by the victors. The only place there is no protection from a veto.

For someone to think Syria would invade Israel openly via a military strike is just having a bad, wet dream. If Iran is playing defensive the so is Syria. Russia is also taking that stand so at any trials that result it can't be shown that they were acting deceptively. If deceptions could be pulled on that court then there would not be such a great effort made to make sure things never get that far.

It isn't like Israel isn't making it's own threats.

(in part)
Yaalon said Syrian President Bashar Assad would be "held responsible for everything that happens along the border."
[link to www.naharnet.com]
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