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Message Subject Breaking-Assad Vows To Retaliate Against Israel For Airstrike
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
LOL, another Aussie tard' who believed that nonsense that butt-hurt Syrian bloggers tried to spread about old Migs flying over Tel Aviv.... LMAO!

When in fact it's IAF that routeinely buzzes Assad's palace with sonic booms & takes care of his nuke and chemical WMD centers.

June 1982 Bekaa Valley Turkey Shoot also must be etched into Syrian memory not to mess with IAF...

 Quoting: ASV 5126999

Why would Syria re-invest in a military strategy that clearly had some flaws in it?
If you are going to invest in fleets of aircraft then you also have to train your pilots as hard as the enemy is and advances in that area are very fast so it is big bucks, something Syria didn't have.

The SAM sites were the first targets so that also means they were the biggest threat. Improve that area and the jets aren't required and the same thing as last time would happen again and they are only needed if the war goes past the borders. Defensively SAM's are the method, S-300 hardware is all the need as the fight will be close-quarters and jets will be like a galloping goose compared to the directed bombs that come from the edge of space so they cannot cheap out on that kind of defense so they need the S-500 software and radar.

Ideally Syria needs some short-range surface-to-surface hardware that has targeting in real-time on any highway, in any mountain pass, in any warehouse. That would be drones or Russian intel from their sat cameras.

That Israel or NATO hasn't attacked shows the defense is working and the Saudi financiers are going to start looking at the cost compared to progress. (while telling them to buy the same aircraft that are grounded against defenses of a certain level, lol they should have bought AK-47's instead and saved a whole lot of money in the process)

Really it is high time for forceful action to stop the antics of that loathsome, gravy-voiced, self-satisfied, bloodthirsty, warmongering closet-queen, William Hague.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35285283

Why do the Brits like people like that to wander around?
Oh yeah, they are the same mentality they were in 1413AD.
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