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Message Subject Breaking-Assad Vows To Retaliate Against Israel For Airstrike
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
For some reason people keep blaming israel for the rebels while forgeting that we hate the rebels as much as we hate assad.
both are bad for us , rebels are worse since their muslim brotherhood so we support neither side.
we only keep watch that no weapons will go from syria into hezbolla hands and that the rebels wont get chemical weapons and thats the end of our involvment.
As for assad the main reason that we prefer him over the muslim brotherhood is that hes a coward that is all talk but no action, our jets flew over his palace even before the civil war and he did nothing.

Good day to you all.
 Quoting: jewishguy

With all due respect, it is the IDF that is supposed to know what is going on in the Golan Heights. I assume drones are available.
[link to www.naharnet.com]

If the rebels take the whole line except the 'official crossing' and Syrian troops retake it a short time later. The injuries they are treating some (7)rebels for (and most likely the missing UN guy) should be from the first battle and the stuff they wanted to get in would have been transferred by backpack or remote trail. Even a UN troop carrier depending how he went missing. Israel has an agenda with who is in power. The actual rebles will be hung out to dry and the globe trotting 'new Government' is the ones that will be installed. As NATO and Israeli friedly as the Shaw of Iran was Big Oil friendly and all that goes along with that. Something like the current Shaw in Afghanistan. Perhaps Syria need to vote at the next scheduled election (2014) about making him their 'Shaw', same as Russia could do for Putin and Venezuela could do it for Hugo if his health returns. The US should have done it for JFK if his policy had not changed from the way it was in his last speeches. (maybe not perfect but better than the way it is today)
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