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I watched the video and the guy even says 'in a few years' lol.

Seems like none of these economists have any fucking clue when any of this shit will go down.... It will happen, just no one can say with any certainty when that will be.

Nobody has any clue exactly when its going to happen because of the capacity of the central banks and government to print money and the relative stupidity and ignorance of the sheep.

What people who are paying attention realize is that people are getting poorer, the debt is getting larger, money is being printed and it is starting to spook regular people. Regular people are getting spooked because there are literally no jobs, no matter how much the governments lie.

Once regular people get spooked about the economy, inflation starts hitting and metals are showing signs attracting huge investment its a sign something isnt right.

This is coming, probably this decade. If we get a few more years, GOOD it allows those of us who can see this to make more preparations.

The US is going to turn into a bloodbath. Millions of people on welfare are going to be pissed as hell when the payouts stop and the middle class are going to be made as poor as the average tribal african almost overnight.
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