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Yea we may have an economic collapse. It seems that we are being led like sheeple to believe this. BUT as bad as our economic collapse might be , every mexican who wakes up in Mexico in a tin shack would pray that their SHITHOLE corrupt country was in as GOOD shape as our WORST economic collapse.
No to mention if we collapse, your country will just totally be flushed down the shitter . That is not speculation.
Everyone here knows it's true.Stick THAT burrito up your ass.
 Quoting: very real 35413867

Very moronic comment....

Countries that have become accustomed to poverty will experience a collapse but the reverberations will be limited.

In the most wealthy countries, where poverty is the exception and privilege has been the rule, the reverberations will be felt like earthquakes.

For instance...look at it this way.

You have a 5 story building and then you have the Empire State building.

One is closer to the ground than the other.

If you have to eventually reach the ground......from which building would you prefer to take the plunge?
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