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Message Subject got arrested for the first time tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So stupid i always disliked the law and now i dislike it far more. I was driving to my gf's house (literally two miles away in distance). Turned right from a one lane road to a two lane road, my turn after is like maybe 300 feet away so i skipped the first lane. I do this all the time and see lots of people do it. Bam pulled over. I get nervous when i get pulled over so my hands were shaking a little cop thought i was under the influence of something gave me a sobriety test. I Failed somehow and he searched my car finding my weed stash which had less than 3 grams.

I get arrested because of that and possible dui. I passed the doctors test at the jail but still got slammed with two tickets. one for the traffic violation 300$. the other for possesion of weed 1000$. My car got towed so all in all i owe 1500$. wtf?

I dont sell (never did) , i dont steal, dont do anything i would consider bad especially in the eyes of the law. Why must good people get in trouble for something so small and have to pay big? I mean if i sold drugs i would understand but no.. What you guys think?
 Quoting: you know who 1750328

Doesn't really matter what we think -- possession is against the law in most states - and obviously wreckless driving is too.

Where I live - if you're caught with even a roach in a vehicle - you get locked up until you post bond or a court date is set. If you're driving wreckless on top of it - you're going to be in there probably until the case is closed.

I've known people to spend a few weeks in jail over nothing but a one-hitter - already cashed..
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