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Message Subject got arrested for the first time tonight
Poster Handle Rtruth
Post Content
Yaahhhh I hear you. Listen, don't harbor any grudges or bad feelings. Think about it more like this. It was a 1500 dollar learning experience. It was paid training. This wasn't the first lesson like this you'll have, they'll be more yet.

The challenge that I see is that the justice system is a far cry from what it use to be. The cops justification is "they're trying to do their job". But on the other hand what that job has turned into to a large degree is revenue generating. Like I use to think nothing of when I see a cop somewhere. I don't fear them, but knowing there job is to revenue generate to some degree makes me nervious so I try and stay away from them. But they don't hate you, they're just doing there job. They don't understand the big picture of the system, and even if they did they still have to put food on there kitchen table so they're not gonna quit there job. I don't think I've ever met a really bad cop. Last time the guy apologised for giving me a speeding ticket. So they're good people deep down, but their job dicates they try and generate revenue.

The problem is like this....

Lets say a cop let everything slide. And many do infact. The problem is they're never giving out tickets and say they're always lettting the bad guy go with a warning. Then you have to ask yourself "what am I paying them to do?". So they write up tickets, and arrests. That shows that theyre doing there job of getting "the bad guy". The problem happens though that often a normal decent guy will get busted for something minor and then there left screaming "where's the justice in that!" etc etc.

But that's sort of collateral damage.

but again that's just one of the many many things in the world that are out there. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So again don't have bad feelings. That's life. Just be more careful next time. Like if you didn't have the weed and were not driving iradically then you might have not been pulled over or arrested. so you have to take personal responsiblity for that. now be a good little sheeple and you can reserve your right to be a bonnified free range chicken okay!
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